Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Story Art

Just brushing up on the story skills. You'll be seeing more from this sequence soon!

16 days...


James Gulino said...

Hey Austin, I'm big fan of your work.

I was curious to as what program you used for this storyboard sketch, assuming it's also what you use on a lot of your other uploaded sketches?

James Gulino

Nikhita said...

what're you working on right now?

Ryan Green said...

I always thought you were a story artist trapped in an animator's body.

Everett Downing said...

Dayam... I have to work harder.

Austin Madison said...

James- All my work's done on photoshop, but I usually thumbnail in a sketchbook ahead of time. It's always easier to think when 'undo' isn't an option.

Nikhita- working on a portfolio to apply for the story department

Ev and Ryan- thanks guys!