Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Monsters University

With Brave debuting to the tune of bagpipes worldround this Friday, it's time to roll out a preview of our next little film: 

I may have majored in Animation when I went to school, but I had a minor in Scaring. Anyone who participated in Fright Club at CalArts may remember those days. Now all of my practice stalking my friends through the CalArts cubicles finally pays off!

2 days...


Deenaaa said...

This is so awesome! I have goosebumps :D Thanks for the share!
What I really love though is that I feel like I'm growing up with Pixar's characters. I was around Andy's age and began college the same time he did.
And even though it's like a prequel, I feel like I'm in college with Sulley and Mike :)

Nikhita said...

are you serious?? Monsters Inc. 2?? Awesome!!! Can't wait!! :D :D