Friday, March 29, 2013

Fryd-Day 2: Adapting a 13 yr-old's Design

Part 2 in a series exploring the adaptation of a childhood creation into a new comic!

Fryd was designed as an homage (read, '"rip off") of two of my favorite characters: The Rocketeer and Earthworm Jim.

In adapting Fryd, I wanted to maintain those qualities while sprinkling a little Milt Kahl goofiness.

One of the best things about growing as an artist is that you gain this library of visual reference in your brain. At the time I created Fryd, I had no idea how to draw a legitimate-looking flightcap, bomber jacket, riding britches, and flare gun (yes, that's a flare gun he's holding).

The clothing/prop aspects that I used to dread drawing as a kid are now some of my favorite things to draw, thanks to years of practice.

The final result is the updated Fryd design!

Of course, 13 yr-old me would be disappointed that I still can't render as well as Doug TenNapel or Dave Stevens.

2 days...


jsatt83 said...

haha finally understanding some of the inspiration for the original character design: Rocketeer and Earthworm Jim, right on brother!

Anonymous said...

Love your Fryd Comic books!!, during your childhood creativing stories & drawings!! How sweet & innocent & FUNNY they were! And you probably didn't perceive 13yr.young Austin creator of Fryd would bring him back to LIFE 15yrs. later. As Fryd comes alive with a plethora of you endless passion for creativity, funniest sense of humor & light hearted entertainment! I'm looking forward to you...
"Bring Fryd back to LIFE!" <3 , you proud Moma