Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Imp & The Pimp, Part 11 of 11

The final installment in a series of storyboards used as a portfolio to apply for a story position at Pixar.

Joffrey: "I am the King! Kings do not leap from buildings!"

Stark Soldier 1: "Make way, people!" Step aside!"

Stark Soldier 2: "Come 'ere, Lannisters! We'll have your heads for this!"

Tyrion: "Just aim for those bails of hay! They should be enough to break our fall!"

Joffrey: "Why am I even listening to you? I'm the King, and the King does what he--"


Tyrion: "We Jump."

Tyrion: "Looks like you'll get that roll in the hay after all, nephew!"

SFX: (Squish!)

Joffrey: "This is NOT hay."

Tyrion: "Get in the wheel barrow."

Tyrion: "Happy Nameday Joffrey!"

Joffrey: "I hate you."


I hope you've enjoyed the series! Can't wait for the ACTUAL Game of Thrones fun to recommence in a couple of weeks. Till then, remember to always pay your debts!

18 days...


Christopher Soto said...

Just like regular Game of Thrones, I've waited for all the boards(episodes) to be posted(aired) so I can read(watch) them all in one sitting!

Krystal Pistol said...

That was fantastic! Thank you for sharing this amazing comic panels/ storyboard! :)