Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Imp & The Pimp, Part 10 of 11

Part ten in a series of boards used as a portfolio to apply for a story position at Pixar. 

Joffrey: "This is the worst nameday ever! When we get back to King's Landing, I'm going to have you thrown into the deepest, darkest dungeon!"

Tyrion: "IF, your grace. IF we make it back to King's Landing."

Tyrion: "You're assuming we escape this blazing inferno..."

Tyrion: "...and somehow circumvent those blood-thirsy Stark soldiers!"

Tyrion: "Though, at the moment, a cool shady dungeon sounds fairly pleasant!"

SFX: (dog barking)

SFX: (dog barking)

Stark Soldiers: "There they are! Up there!"

Tyrion: "I really wish you hadn't kicked that dog."

Next, the Conclusion: "The Ill-Fated King"

25 days...


Logan Pearsall said...

This just keeps getting better!

Lou Holsten said...

Nice set up and callback to the dog :)

Krystal Pistol said...

Is it bad that I'm rooting for the stark soliders capture The 'king' imp? lol I really did cheer for the dog! Awesome job! :)

Robb said...