Friday, April 26, 2013

Fryd-Day 4: Plane Crazy

Part 4 in a weekly series exploring the adaptation of a childhood creation into a new comic for TR!CKSTER's 2013 volume, Childhood Heroes.

One of the challenges in adapting my childhood comic is that I haven't improved much in my ability to draw planes since I was thirteen years old. 

Originally, Fryd's plane ("The Dipper") was a bit of a rip-off of the Rocketeer's plane, the Gee Bee, which is more of a racing plane than a crop-duster.

Since Fryd is supposed to be a mild-mannered crop-dusting pilot by day, I decided to take a look at crop-dusting planes, and found this beaut: the Grumman Ag-Cat!

There was so much clunky character in this rickety dust bird, and I knew I had cast my noble steed at last. All that was left to do was caricature the plane, and push the proportions a little.

Suddenly, I could picture the Dipper chasing down getaway vans... blows with ne'er-do-well bank robbers...

...and destroying public and private property in the process!

I'm still not very good at drawing planes, but at least I have a feeling for the character of THIS plane.

42 days...

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