Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Warm-Up Sketches of Steel

Getting in the mood for Man of Steel. Just over a month up, up, and away!

Above is a rather Reeve-y version of Supes. Below is my take on Zod, Bizarro, and Bruce Wayne. Bruce is the one bottom-center, of course.

Bruce really has it easy, as far as rogues go. There's a reason Penguin doesn't go sailing his umbrella into Metropolis.

Though I would like to see Supes take on some better villains. Maybe Middle-Earth would offer a greater challenge to the Man of Tomorrow!

Especially is Smaug has a Kryptonite-breathing cousin.

38 days...


jsatt83 said...

man. every line in these sketches has purpose. So fluid, such great use of line weight, so much creativity and awesomeness. I'z a fan of these!

I like the monocle flying off the Penguin too

Doc Shaner said...

That sketch with the Penguin is killer, Austin. Though they're all great of course!