Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Eric Hann and Jason Topolski

I love doing birthday cards because it's an excellent way to both roast and honor a buddy. The first card is for a pal I've known since highschool. He's a huge fan of Starbucks and Indiana Jones, but I wasn't going to do the kindness of caricaturing him as the hero himself. Plus, this scene between Belloq and Marion really captures Eric's relationship with his wife, Alexa.

The second card was for my buddy Jason, who is co-creating a horror-themed boardgame with me. Naturally, I had to make him his own player card!

That's our game's killer, Otis, preparing to kill Jason with the film stock of the very movie that the game is parodying. It's game-ception.

39 days...

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jsatt83 said...

These are cool. When is your birthday, Austin?
35 days link didn't woik for me. :(