Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"WOE, man."
Emma Coats and Everett Downing have joined the World Organization of Evil. Well, their creations Voltz and Landslide have. WOE is a character design drawing challenge to create supercriminals with unique powers, compelling back stories, and bitchin' outfits.

Below: Voltz, a human battery with no off-switch, Voltz' electric powers make her a true femme FATAL. Drawn by Emma Coats.

Below: Landslide, a criminal mastermind with the ability to manipulate the very earth beneath him, Landslide's antics have caused an avalanche of panic in the streets of Star City. Drawn by Everett Downing.
Below: The first WOE conference. Two minds are better than one, unless they're evil schemers, in which case a brawl is inevitable. Drawn by Emma Coats.

Before the forming of WOE, supervillains would waste precious time and resources battling each other. Drawn by me.

These three supercriminals have put aside their differences and joined forces to unleash a wave of terror as yet unseen by the do-gooding society of superheroes. I hope you will lend your villain to our efforts. Remember, there is no "I" in "WOE".


David Bernal said...

haahaha! this is sooo awesome!! love all the drawings!!!!! and the Mungos below too!
hahaha, first WOE conference...hahahahha!

Josh (musarter) said...

These are all great. I really like seeing your take on others peoples characters. The fighting pieces are great.