Wednesday, April 07, 2010

365 Supers!
This one's for Everett Downing's blog, 365 Supers. The man's been drawing a super every day since August 09! So I figure'd I'd relieve him the burden of at least one day with my contribution, Landline. I'm not sure if he has any superpowers, but he sure can whip a telephone!

I had a great time coming up with taglines for this guy:

"One hero who has survived many close calls."
"This super doesn't have any hang-ups."
"He'll answer any call to arms!"
"He's come to (call) collect."
"Phone a friend."

For more supers, visit again on Friday for the debut of Scorpion Fist and the Bomb of Tomorrow! Everyone is welcome to design the character, just leave me a comment with your URL and I'll post a link to your blog. Sketch greatly!

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