Friday, April 16, 2010

iPad Impressions
Unofficial iPad spokesman Everett Downing let a few of us mess around with his 'Pad and asked for our opinion. Here's what we said:

It's a pretty fun little gadget: flat enough to eat off of, and the smooth sides make a handy straight-edge. Here's the heretofore mentioned ninja turtle:

Another of my iPad musings; I call it Requiem for a Trilogy:

Jim Lee seems a bit more adept at drawing with his finger than I am. Here's my iPad Joker:

And his:

Hey, at least my Joker is laughable.

My favorite webcomic, xkcd, had this to say about the latest iDevice:

1 comment:

docwat said...

I agree with the guy towards the end. Thinking about the next generation of the iPad, this is huge. I wish is had Flash and at least a web camera. Cool.