Monday, November 28, 2011

Earl Grey

My doppleganger, Zack Keller (co-creator of Dick Figures), informed me that my Dick Figures character, Earl Grey, has his own wikipage. I noticed the trivia section on this character is a little sparse, so let me shed some light on this monochromatic mastermind:

-He spells "grey" with an "E" for the same reason he spells "colour" with a "U": because he's not a knuckle-dragging commoner.

-Earl Grey is the mixed-race sire of two royal families, Black and White.

-This supervillain does not move objects through telekinesis. Rather, he "elevates" objects from their working class to a higher station in space/time.

-Aside from high concentrations of colour, Earl Grey's one other vulnerability is a weakness for Twiglets and Pickle.

-Earl Grey has a similar affliction as his cousin and fellow land-holding title-bearer, Lord Tourettes. He suffers from narcolepsy, and must constantly imbibe tea or else pass into a deep REM state.

-And finally: in Season Four, Earl Grey may or may not make an appearance in a Christmas episode entitled "Dickens Figures."

I hope that slakes the wiki admins' thirst for Earl Grey.

27 days...

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