Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Whiteboard Drawings

I teach an animation class at the Academy of Art University. At the end of each class, I like to leave a drawing up on the white board, under the projection screen for the next class that uses our room.

The unsuspecting professor goes to raise his projector screen...

...when he is met by a dry-erase masterpiece!

I always expect a thank you written on the white board, or at least a return drawing. So far, no dice.

0 days...The Muppets Are Here!!!


Kirun said...

you are a genius.

WASPart said...

That Milt Kahl is totally spot on!

Ryan Green said...

Haha! The shower scene is great!

Sam G said...

That is the greatest! Love stuff like this. Don't ya hate when other folks have no sense of humor? Happy Turkey day Austin and all who visit here!