Monday, November 14, 2011

Hawaiian Vacation


Last week I went to Hawaii for a friend's wedding. The trip also turned out to be a bit of a research trip for a new film of mine. Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my tropical skullduggery.

The first step in any Hawaiian vacation is to find the proper attire. I elected the "Official Magnum PI" route.

My friends Kai and Ross pause for a moment to reflect on the importance of pyrotechnics at any wedding.

I also found time for some quality beach-front sketching.

You see a lot of "towel prepping" poses on the beach.

This chick was talking her boyfriend's ear off at a local Starbucks. I did my best to capture her manic bi-polarness.

The beach is a great place to study different body parts, because it's all out there in full view.

You also see a lot of unique poses due to the lack of chairs.

Remember, always wear sunscreen.

There are good beach views...

...and not-so-good beach views.

But you really can't complain when every day ends with one of these...


Sam G said...

Damn Austin. Sounds like you had a rough time. ;P

Fawn said...

Looks like you have extreme fun time in Hawaii and the old dude in speedo is like an icing on a cake.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Love these sketches!

Austin Madison said...

Sam- Yeah,. Brutal.

Fawn- Yeah, my friends pretty much demanded that I draw him on the spot.

Megan- thanks!