Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Heroes of Sandpoint, Part II

Last night was the conclusion to our first Pathfinder adventure, DM'd by Everett. Good nerd times were had by all! Accept Erick, who played the hapless halfling rogue, Hob, who nearly drowned...

...was nearly eaten...

...and nearly coughed up his hobbit balls.

Chris, who played our barbarian warrior princess, Zorba, faired better against the undead

And scored the victory blow against Black Fang, a local dragon pest.


 Here's Zorba, celebrating her victory with quiet dignity and grace.


And finally my character, the dwarven cleric Baz, glaring jealously at Zorba and all her new experience points.

More adventures to come! For all you gamers struggling with 4th edition D&D, I'd highly recommend the Pathfinder system. Much classier.

13 days...


Kendra Melton said...

haha this is awesome, i love that you just posted about D&D. Great sketches! :]

Minkyu said...

super cool drawings!
I always wonder what these drawings are from.
D&D sessions? is it kind of an illustrated game you guys play?

Austin Madison said...

Kendra- Thanks! Yeah, many more nerd posts to come, I assure you. :)

Qdog- Yeah, these are sketches from D&D sessions. My friends usually give me notes on what they want their characters to look like. Emma and I usually sketch as we play, trying to capture moments that happen as the story unfurls.