Monday, January 09, 2012

Bane Process

Based on the poll to the right, you guys would like to see more detailing the process of an illustration, so I'll start with last week's Bane! 

These first few exploratory sketches are always the most fun, messing around with the character's proportions, poses, and costume.

I wanted to be truer to the comic Bane's mask than the movie, but also wanted to steer clear of the luchador territory. Early on, I had the idea of putting the bat symbol on his face to show how obsessed he is with killing Batman.

Nobody wants to see a static character pose, so I figured I'd reimagine the classic Knightfall cover. I figured unmasking Batman while you paralyze him adds just the right amount of insult to injury. For pencils, I always keep it super loose and just try to capture the energy and weight of the characters.

When I got to inking, I altered Batman's pose to be a little more active. I tore up his costume a bit, to give some history to the scene. I've never been a fan of all the loose piping most Banes have. 99% of the time, Batman defeats Bane by snipping his venom-tubes, so my Bane keeps his cropped close to his costume.

The Batman design is a nod to Burton's design (my personal favorite). Bane was fun to mess around with. I like the militaristic feel they're giving him in the film, so I went with mottled green. I'm not sure why they're fighting in a sandstorm; maybe I've still got Ghost Protocol on the mind.

Things are getting busy on Brave, so Chades Challenges might not make it past the pencil stage for a while, but I shall endeavor to continue posting! Happy Monday everyone!

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Logan Pearsall said...

great stuff!
and yes, please do focus your efforts on Brave. That's what's most important right now.

Fernando Zarur Brandi said...

Great post!
it's always educational to see other people's process!

Gillibean said...


Austin Madison said...

Logan- Most important, and most fun! ;)

Fernando- Grazie, amico mio!

Gillibean- thaaaaaaaaanks!