Monday, January 23, 2012

Sketches from The Big Game

I saw a couple of sporting events this weekend, but one is still too sad and close to my heart to discuss. So I'll focus on the more positive of the two: a minor league hockey game that I attended with my first animation teacher, Shawn Sullivan, and his lovely family. Yeah, he's a Raiders fan, but nobody's perfect.

Bert the Bunny was certainly happy to watch his first live hockey game.

Unfortunately Bert, like many of his fuzzy brethren, ended up on the wrong size of the ice.

There was also a lot of player-on-snowman violence. Hockey rinks are just not a place for cute critters of any ilk.

Shawn and I enjoyed the game the best way we knew how: by drawing it.

After all, shouting words is a great way to taunt the opponents' goalie, and a picture is worth a thousand words. 

And, of course, no hockey game is complete without a good fight. This is why I could never be a hockey player. I'd be waaaay too tempted to use the knives on my feet.

Our team, the Stockton Thunder, won their game against the Vegas Wranglers. I guess those who play hockey in Vegas should stay in Vegas.

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