Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ronald Searle (1920-2011)

So passes one of the greatest illustrators to ever put pen to paper. Ronald Searle inspired much of what we think as the "Disney" and "Warner Brothers" styles. Both Milt Kahl and Chuck Jones drew heavily from Searle's style; he had a unique was of distilling a subject to it's simplest, most ridiculous and truthful form.

Searle was one of my greatest artistic inspirations, so I leapt at the chance to contribute to a sketchbook Pixar artists were assembling last year for his 91st birthday. You can see the collected art at Matt Jones' blog here.

After receiving the tome of fan art, Mr. Searle sent us the following note:

Federal Express were at the door at dawn this morning with a bulging box. When all it contained was revealed, I was totally overwhelmed with the generosity.  All those animation friends spending precious time to mark the celebration and such a wonderful shower of messages. I really was very touched by the kindness. It was worth hanging on for 91 years to receive such a gem.

I shall treasure it. THANK YOU EVERYBODY!


And thank you, Mr. Searle, for a lifetime of astounding art that will always be the standard we strive for!

55 days...


David Derrick said...

He was amazing- so much life lived behind his drawings- my favorite works he did were when he was a P.O.W during the war. I Like the new blog revamp Austin- Happy New Year

Guillermo Biasini said...

I don't think I have ever heard of Mr. Searle before (which is a tragedy, I know), But I wouldn't be surprise that I have been seeing his work throughout my life without even knowing it was from him.

Those two sketches that you posted. Brilliant!

Chelsea Costa said...

Hi Austin,
I'm a regular here but I don't usually comment - thought I'd finally say hello. Also, I've been wanting to thank you for the work you do not only here on your blog, but at Pixar as well. I work in only a vaguely related field, but I come here for inspiration often, so thanks for that. Hope your 2012 is fantastic.

Austin Madison said...

David- Thanks man! I haven't seen his POW stuff, I'll definitely look for it.

Guillermo- check Amazon for Ronald Searle books. His stuff is amazing!

Chelsea- Hi Chelsea, thanks for commenting! Judging from your blog, you're an actress, so I'd say our fields are very related! Animators are basically actors who perform veeeeerrrry slowly :)