Monday, December 17, 2012

Fantasy Football XVI: Vikings vs Rams

Minnesotans have a mighty thu'um, dontchaknow!

7 days...


froggie said...

WOAH! a SKYRIM shout-out? (bwahahahahaha!) i am having a tough time in the DAWNGUARD but i love my new vampire bff...her dad's a bit nuts tho!

the happiest of holidays to you and yours, a! "-)

Outi said...


I don't know the first thing about football since I'm from Finland. What we call "football" is what you call "soccer". And what you call "football", we call "American football". Because the way we see it is that this sport pretty much only exists in America.

But still. I enjoyed this series. And this picture especially was just really cute!

Poor Rams... Getting all FUS RO DAH'd by the Vikings like that :'D