Thursday, December 06, 2012

What Really, Actually Happened to the Dinosaurs

As a response to yesterday's post, I thought I'd post Douglas Henderson's version of what really happened to the Dinosaurs. What I love about Doug's work is, just when you think you've seen every interpretation of prehistoric life, he comes up with an entirely new perspective.

I don't think I've ever seen a depiction of the asteroid's approach that is so eerie and ominous. I love the idea that dinosaurs, like any animal spooked by a coming storm, would have started acting erratically. This is the inciting incident of Act I.

In story, we're always looking for contrast as a way to show escalating drama, which is why I love the difference between the calm, cool-colored approach of the asteroid and this cold, black, existential over-the-moon's-shoulder shot of the asteroid entering atmosphere. This is the escalating action of Act II.

And, in what would only have lasted a fraction of a second, the brilliant, near black-and-white sizzle of the K-T event in progress. This is the crisis moment at the end of Act II.

The final impact puts even Mt Doom to shame.

This is the dramatic climax of Act III.

And finally, our story's resolution. A tragedy from the dinosaur's perspective, a comedy from the asteroid's. 

More of Doug's amazing paleoart can be found here.

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Dave Hone said...

Great to see Doug getting some love. He's universally respected and appreciated in the palaeo community.

Apologies for the slight self-promotion, but I interviewed him about his artworks on my blog a while back which might be of interest: