Wednesday, January 09, 2013

The Imp & The Pimp, Part 1 of 10

Note: this story takes place during book/season two, A Clash of Kings. Minor spoiler alert for anyone who has yet to read the first book, or watch the first season. Enjoy!

Tyrion: "Ah, the Leaky Tankard In..."

 Tyrion: "As fine a place as any for a lad's 16th nameday!"

Joffrey: "It looks abhorrent. And why must we wear these rags? It smells like someone died in mine"

Tyrion: "That is likely the case, nephew. But the rags must be worn."

Tyrion: "You're the King now..."

 Tyrion: "...and the King must learn the ways of his subjects, the common man."

 Joffrey: "And you believe I'll gain this education..."

 Joffrey: "In a shit hole like this?"

 Tyrion: "If not an education, at least a good roll in the hay."

 Dog: *Yipe!*

Next week: Two Lannisters walk into a bar

25 days...


Megan Nicole Dong said...

Very nice!!

Nikhita said...

Wow!! It's so engaging! Love how you used that shot of the dog in between! It's got a great deal of continuity as well! Can't wait for the rest of it!