Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Imp & The Pimp, Part 4 of 10

Joffrey: "Pissing on MY banner?? I'll have their heads!"

Tyrion: "Joffrey NO!"

Joffrey: "Before you do anything rash, please consider the effect it may have on our heads."

Joffrey: "The lion does not fear the wolf!"

Tyrion: "Yes, but the wise lion knows to fear the pack of wolves."

Joffrey: "Those stupid Northerners wouldn't even know which end of the sword to point at me!"

Joffrey: "Give me thirty seconds against one of those crannogmen...!"

Joffrey: "I'll split him nose to toes..."

Joffrey: "...and paint the fields yellow..."

Joffrey: "...with his craven innards!"

Stark bannerman: "And whose innards would those be, boy?"

Joffrey: "I...uh..."

Next Week: "The Stark Knight Rises"

4 days...

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Krystal Pistol said...

That was amazing!! :) I'm gonna make sure I keep track of these! :)