Monday, May 27, 2013

Camp Grizzly Wins "Best Game by a Publisher at the Show"

This weekend, Ameritrash Games unleashed the horror that is CAMP GRIZZLY on unsuspecting gamers at KublaCon in San Francisco. He are excited to announce that the game was met with great enthusiasm and was voted by con-goers "Best Game by a Publisher at the Show."

I'm sure it didn't hurt that I had a Camp Grizzly advert strategically placed near the ballot box.

The convention was sponsored by our friends at Zombiesmith, whose mascot ensured their would be no cheating during playtests.

We at Camp Grizzly brought our own mascot, Otis Jr, complete with Ameritrash Games onesie.

Game designer, Jason Topolski, and I spent the entire weekend at this table, running game after game. The body count by the end of Sunday was quite high.

Knowing we'd be in playtest lockdown, Jason and I stocked up on Ameritrash-brand lip balm. Gotta stay hydrated.

In honor of our big debut, we decided to include an extra playable character based on the designer.

Here's Jason, with our very first buyers!

We also had blank counselor cards available for any buyers who wanted a commissioned sketch so that they could play as themself.

This was such a popular feature, Jason and I have decided to add it as one of the pledge levels in our upcoming Kickstarter campaign (look for us to launch in July).

Of course, I had to do a complimentary sketch for first customer, Jenny:

As for the play-testing, each game went remarkably smoothly.

Each group gave us at least two thumbs up.

Some even gave us four thumbs up, plus an index and middle finger up! Now that's an endorsement!

 Of course, it's all thumbs up till you draw an "Otis Strikes!" card. Then it's "heads up!"

Jason spent all day at the table, running game after game and explaining the rules over and over to each group. It was a true feat of gaming fortitude!

I did my best to help Jason run the games in a dignified manner...

Our only real competition in the horror game genre, was this RPG that simulates the horrifying experience of watching Episode I for the first time.

Our grisly camp marathon was only interrupted momentarily when the convention hall was stormed by a horde of barbarian nerdlings. Man, this things can give a good war cry.

Of course, nerdlings are trained in the art of war at a young age.

The one game that I can't believe I missed: Jurassic friggin Park. I want this in my house.

All in all, it was a mighty fine convention, and we came away with a few new friends and a lot of great notes on how to make Camp Grizzly an even better for our major release later this year on Kickstarter. So stay tuned!

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jsatt83 said...

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Way to go fellas, congrats on best in show. Looking forward to helping on kickstarter.