Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Amateur Armature

The beta version of my horror-themed boardgame, Camp Grizzly, is coming to Kubla Con this weekend. Our masked killer, Otis, is doing a little pre-show killing to warm-up for his debut. Knock 'em dead, big guy!

If you'd like to create your own horrific clay-mation, Here's a handy how-to:

It's helpful to keep a toolbox full of clays and armatures so you're ready to animate at a moment's notice. I recommend an oil-based modelling clay like Plastilina.

Next, twist yourself up an armature with soft aluminum modelling wire and prep some "guts." Guts are used to build up the form around your armature without wasting valuable colored clay. I usually recycle Plastilina from old animation to form the guts (hence the cool, swirly colors).

Once your figure is formed, it's time to create a color palette. I wanted a muted, grungy palette, so I mixed a lot of brown and grey into my colors.

Finally, you sculpt up your character! I'd recommend not adding too much detail, because once you start animating, your fingers are only going to smash it away. I'm still pretty new to stop-motion, so let me know if you have any other clay modelling tips. 

Have a bloody good time!

23 days...

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jsatt83 said...

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH, I love stop motion! perfect link to go along with it too.

Sometimes...(sniffle)... it feels like this site was (teardrop) ... made for meee...

Keep up the great work, looking forward to Camp Grizzly's debut!