Thursday, May 02, 2013

Smiles, Scales, Webs, and Claws.

Dinosaurs are usually my default doodle, but since I draw them all day on The Good Dinosaur, you're going to see a lot of my second favorite subject: superheroes.

Little-known fact: Joker only has the second largest smile of any Batman villain. First place goes to Killer Croc.

Super or no, even Peter Parker has to do his oblique workouts.

Has anyone done the triple slashes for the Wolverine logo? Seems kinda obvious.

This concludes today's installment of super sketches. Any requests for supers I should sketch?

36 days...


JP said...

Me! And my villainous British power!

Different By Design said...

Triple slashes for the Wolverine logo = genius. I'd love to see a Rorschach or Lady Deathstrike sketch.

Luke Baker said...

Excellent Killer Croc!! Hmm, as for suggestions Hush or Larfleeze…Or there's always the amalgam universes Dark Claw! :P

jsatt83 said...

haha, dark claw. That boy had such potential. Wish he didn't have such a gooberific outfit in the comics.

Man, I would love to see your take on World War Hulk or a Wolvie/Sabertooth fight. This blog is awesome.

JC Little said...

Wolverine triple slash logo ≡ genius (← see what I did there).