Friday, May 03, 2013

Fryd-Day 5: Re-Fryd Scenes

Part 5 in a weekly series exploring the adaptation of a childhood creation into a new comic for TR!CKSTER's 2013 volume, Childhood Heroes.

I thought I'd share a bit of my process today.  Here's a look at my title page, from rough tones to final color.

Of course, before I even get to tones, every panel starts as a supper scribbly layout sketch. The main goal here is to nail the composition, and capture some feeling for the gesture and acting.

 A few passes later, I have the final sketch. Hopefully, the spirit is still the same!

I always work from color palettes. In these color palettes, everything is graded light-to-dark, and sometimes shaped to help me remember what aspect of the character the colors belong to. I am now realizing how dirty the shape of that flesh palette looks, but I promise, that's just the character's flesh tones and nose.

Stay tuned. Next week, I'll start posting final pages!

35 days...


Anonymous said...

Hey Austin,

Just wanted to say I love the idea to see you recreate something you originally created back when you were younger. Very interesting to watch the process.

I also had a question off topic from FRYD. Do you possibly have any of your pencil animation you did while at Calarts or while working on Adam and Dog that you wouldnt mind showing? I watched the sasquatch short and was blown away. Amazing stuff.

jsatt83 said...

Wait, you worked on Adam and Dog? I love that film. ABSOLUTELY love it.

This look into your pipeline on FRYD really gets my creativity jump started. Thanks for the inspiration!

jsatt83 said...

Nice Alex Ross pic, btw

Hannah Tuohy said...

That title page is so awesome! Thanks for sharing your process!

Mateus Carvalho said...

Thanks for sharing!!