Friday, June 08, 2007

CalArts first year Tom Moore had this video posted on his blog. It's Ferrofluid (liquid metal baby!) and it reminds me of Venom. Too bad the movie version of everyone's favorite Marvel baddy wasn't half as cool as this real life magnet goo.
And just for kicks, a couple other spectacular, uncanny, and all-around amazing science clips. Science rules!

Doc Ock


Matt Williames said...


Bill said...

Hi Austin, nice blog here. That Ferrofluid stuff is insane! I saw it live at Siggraph as part of the Art Gallery last year. Hey I'm an animator living in Berkeley too! (I don't work at Pixar, I work in the city at Three Rings.) I was walking around Tilden park yesterday and found a Pixar hat. Was it yours?? Haha. Anyway maybe I'll see you around town.

Josh (musarter) said...

Those electro dudes are crazy. That liquid thing was uncanny, as you said, I could really tell what was going on.