Thursday, June 07, 2007

Chades Challenge II: Elderly Mermaids
Once every two weeks, a couple of artists choose one word each (one a noun, the other an adjective). The combined words form the subject of the following weeks' Chades (CHAracter DESign) Challenge. At the end of each week, all Chades Challengers post their skullduggery on their respective blogs and many a good laugh is had.

Ben Adams
Josh Billings
Emma Coats
Steve MacLeod
Adrian Molina
Laura Jane Murphy
Vi-Dieu Nguyen
Bobby Pontillas
Moro Rogers
Robbie 'The Robot' Thompson
Lissa Treiman
Nate Wragg
and introducing
The Mighty Gerenuk

Also, he was a little late to the game, but Leo Matsuda has come in swinging with a truly sweet deformed sorcerors story. I challenge any of you who feel the urge to do so, embrace storyboarding in all its awesomeness. Go Brazil!

The theme is 'Elderly Mermaids' for one more week. So push the idea, explore the concept to its very limits, and post again on June 15. At that time, two new Chades Champions will be chosen to select the next theme. Sketch greatly!


Vi-Dieu Nguyen said...

Haha. I like the dangling feet!

Josh (musarter) said...

I like your creativity. To use two completly different styles effectively takes great skills: Bow Hunting Skills...Knum-chuck Skills, ect.

Check out:

Can some one direct me on how to put links within blogs so I can link all the entries to my posts?

Laura Jane said...

haha!!! i love the second one!!! i posted one. i'm gonna do a couple more later today.

Bobby Pontillas said...

LOL. These and the set below are so funny. I love grandmother mermaid surfing porn.

rthompson said...

these are great! My favorite is the calling the Catfish one, I can hear her voice, creepy. And the soap opera one brings me back to the Gary Larson days. rock on!

Josh (musarter) said...

I know it is probably too late to be part of the "Deformed Sourcer"
Challenge. I don't want to be left brained but was there a diffintive winner?

Munchanka said...

The only losers are those who fail to post, man. Anyone who takes up the challenge has my gratitude for providing artistic inspiration.

lissa said...

I had to get in on this one too

Gotta love that cat-fish lady you did back there.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hahaha, high-larious stuff. Can newcomers post on the 15th?

Munchanka said...

Bobby-Yeah, man! Everyone's welcome to post every friday. You can even do variations on old assignments. We're not sticklers for rules, this is mainly a challenge betwixt artists to create and push ideas, and have awesome friday tidal waves of creative juices. Draw draw draw!

Bobby Pontillas said...
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Bobby Pontillas said...
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Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Austin! Sorry so late (or early depending). I'll be away Friday. So heres my contribution!

Lookin forward to the next one man! Some awesome stuff here!

Josh (musarter) said...

I have another challenger. He has no blog but he wanted in on the challenge. Go to my blog:

to see Joe Ruiz's entry.
I look forward to the next challenge.