Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Fictional Presidential Campaign, Part II
Looks like Gandalf is ahead of Xavier in the polls. But the X-Men aren't about to give up that easy. Xavier's campaign has its first attack add ready, and it brings some interesting points to light!

Who is Gandalf the White? Two films ago, he was promoting the Grey agenda, why the sudden switch? And why does he want to sneak WMDs back into enemy territory?

Gandalf holds council with Saruman of Many Colours: a known terrorist, anti-environmentalist, and leader of orcs. Can we trust him with our forests?

When he isn't paling around with terrorists, Gandalf smokes pipeweed with halfling thieves. Irresponsible; not ready to lead.

Gandalf is confused and out of touch. He doesn't know what the internet is, and couldn't even find his way through the mines of Moria.

Gandalf the White: not ready to lead.

"I am Charles Xavier, and I approve this message."

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