Thursday, November 20, 2008


I'd like to see how Clark Kent explains showing up for work with a broken arm the same day Jimmy Olsen turns in this photograph for the front page of the Daily Planet.

That's assuming Clark Kent shows up for work ever again...

I had a lot of fun drawing Zod. Some friends and I are going to take another week to explore him and his goons, Ursa and Non. Let me know if you have a version of the Kryptonian rebels that you'd like to share.

Other followers of Zod:


flaviano said...

those only remind me how much i cannot wait for your story on Afterworks 3!
i wish all the 3D animators could draw so well!

Leo Matsuda said...

Awesome, man!!! I love the one of superman being dragged by his cape.
Now I wanna draw more a Zod too!

John S. said...

Great drawings!
I see you still have a bit of a Hate-on for Superman. Hee hee!