Tuesday, November 25, 2008


This day in history, exactly ten years ago, Pixar released A Bug's Life. Of all Pixar's films, this has to be the most underrated, there's some brilliant animation on Hopper, and Tuck and Roll are just plain hilarious.
Now everyone at Pixar's hard at work on the upcoming Pete Docter film. You can check out the new trailer here.
Happy 10th Anniversary to A Bug's Life, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone else!


Josh (musarter) said...

Yes, A Bug's Life seems to be a bit underrated. I think it has great animation and a great story.

On another note I tagged you, on my blog, to offer seven random facts about yourself. I am not much for tagging so you wont be tagged ever again. So, do what cha' like.

Josh (musarter) said...

On the tag:
Seven Facts
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The original tag I received directed me here:

Cat Hicks said...

Apparently there used to be a "Bugs Life Appreciation Day" that was held every year in honor of the film. Is that still going on?