Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Iron Grill

My friends and I throw a little Game of Thrones party every Sunday, but tonight's season finale calls for something special. That's right, it's time to bust out the IRON GRILL. Forged from the swords of lesser grill-masters, the Iron Grill's words are "Dinner is Coming." And, with tonight's menu, those words have never been more true:

Littlefinger Links
Tyrion's Pulled Pork
Maester Aemon's Donut Chain
Daenerys's Deviled Dragon Eggs
The Knight of Flower's Flour Tortilla Tacos
The Mountain's Tourney Skewers (aka Clegane Kabobs)
Targaryen Tarduckin (a dragon inside of a dragon inside of a dragon)
Ned's Head Cheese

And three beers for the three main houses: "Dead Guy Ale" for House Stark, "Ruination" for House Targaryen, and "Arrogant Bastard" for House Lannister (Joffrey specifically).

I just started a Zazzle account, so if you really like the Iron Grill, you can buy an Iron Grill apron. Y'know, for all your Season Two parties.

Happy Father's Day! Well...not for the Stark family.

5 days...


Anonymous said...

freaking awesome!

flaviano said...

Hehe very funny! In the game of grill you cook or you eat.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Haha! That menu is fantastic.

Munchanka said...

Patrick- Thanks man!

Flaviano- That would be a fantastic alternate tagline.

Megan- grazie! My friend Jason, who hosts our weekly GoT get-together, came up with a lot of those.

Dennis Cornetta said...

Arrogant Bastard Ale is so good ^-^