Monday, June 06, 2011


Took a break from Brave animation tonight to play Shadowrun with our gaming group, the Dandies. Everett Downing ran an amazing campaign, which Emma Coats and I did our best to capture on nearby sketchpads. Here is some of the ensuing madness.

My character was a dwarven hacker named Wolfman Jack.

Ev's friend Peter played the smarmy "face" (that's Shadowrun speak for conman) Iceman. This character turned out to be an FBI informant who gave us all up to the cops at the end. Nobody likes a rat, Peter.

Emma played an old character of hers, the physical adept Burgamont.

The good-natured Erick played the ill-tempered orc gangster Urk.

Perhaps my favorite character of the session was the glam-rocking combat mage Bo Jareth. My fellow game designer Jason played this androgynous wonder.

Drawn by Emma Coats

Finally, our pal Rossi played the punk samurai, Mags. Sweep the leg, Mags.

Drawn by Emma Coats

Early on in the game a transient made the mistake of asking our orc, Urk, for some spare change.

Burgamont and Bo Jareth did very little to prevent this.

Drawn by Emma Coats

Later, Burgamont decided it was a good idea to drop a severed head into my character Wolfman's lap while he was driving their getaway van.

Drawn by Emma Coats

Ever the consummate professional, Burgie took the wheel while my character lost his proverbial shit.

Drawn by Emma Coats

Allinol, Ev ran a fantastic session and, though our characters ended up in the clinker we all had an amazing time and came away with some memorable scenes. Who knows, maybe the old blood-soaked-head-in-the-lap gag will show up in a future Pixar film!

18 days...

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Simon said...

If Pixar ever did anything remotely gory, I would jump for joy. Still waiting on some more adult-themed films from the big studios. Maybe the Goon will fix things...