Friday, June 24, 2011

Opening Day of Cars 2!

My dad is a huge fan of the Cars franchise (I'm pretty sure he owns at least one of each of the Hotwheels toys), so it's been fun to share the Cars 2 experience with him.

I took him to the premier few weeks ago. Watching Cars 2 with a member of the Baby Boomer generation is the best way to see this film. They are definitely a generation of car culture enthusiasts.

The best part of car culture, in my opinion, are the pit crews. It's essential for any good pit crew to be well-rounded, like these ladies.

It's also become a tradition for my father, uncle, and cousin-in-law to come to our annual Motorama. One of the stars of Cars 2 showed up this year. A friendly bloke, shorter in person than I would have imagined.

Here I am with my cousin Kelli and her family. As you can see, thanks to Kilt Fridays, the worlds of Cars 2 and Brave are clashing today.

Her new baby, Blake, is a big Pixar fan, but Motorama was a bit much for him. Still, I sense a future animator here...

Making family films, it's important to keep family a part of the process. For me, sharing my work with the fam is one of the most rewarding elements of filmmaking!

I should mention that opening with Cars are the Toy Story short Hawaiian Vacation and the Brave teaser.

This young lady is the reason the Pixar animation department wears kilts every Friday.

0 days! Cars 2 premieres!


Carrie L. said...

oh man, your dad seems like an awesome dude! I love his look in the picture with you two!

congrats on cars2 :)

Carrie Liao said...

oops, that was the wrong account. but congrats from this one, too!

Nori Tominaga said...

Lol, well rounded...congratulations, well done

Munchanka said...

Carrie- Thanks! Yeah, he's an artist too, and taught me how to draw when I was a wee lad. So it's fun to give back in this small way.

Nori- haha, thanks.

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Congratulations!! And btw it is quite awesome that you guys do kilt Fridays.

Mike Terry said...

You guys at Pixar always do great work! Must be fun!

Marie Bower said...

Oh man! I want the Finn car! I'm a sucker for Michael Caine so I can't wait to see this. ;)

Munchanka said...

Megan- Thanks! Yeah, Kilt Fridays was all Ev Downing's idea.

Mike- Grazie!

Marie- I love Michael Caine, too. Now everyone at work walks around doing MC impressions all the time.