Friday, June 10, 2011

Kilt Fridays

At the end of each week, it's kilt or be kilt in the Brave anim department. I don't know if you can see the subheading, but that's the Revised 3rd Edition of So You're Going to Where a Kilt. It's important to stay up-to-date on the latest trends, y'know.

In other Pixar news, Disney just released this image from  a scene I animated in Cars 2, introducing Luigi's relatives: Mama and Uncle Topolino!


Chris Powell said...

awesome sauce!!

Courtney Pearson said...

YES!! You definitely win a prize for supreme and total awesomeness!

Also, I am so pumped for Cars 2! I can't wait to see it! So excited!

Team Diana said...

Cute! I have a skirt just like that!

Chris Silva said...

I need to work on Brave so I have an excuse to buy a Kilt..... that's amazing!

Dig'n the matching socks too. :0)

Munchanka said...

Chris 1- thanks man! No sauce near the kilt, though, please.

Courtney- thanks! We're excited to share it.

Diana- yes, but you have nicer legs.

Chris 2- you should get one! Nothing like a bit of "freeeeedooooom" down there.

AnimationGirl said...


Jez Tuya said...

There's nothing more manly than kilt-wearing :p I sometimes wish I was Scottish so I have an excuse to wear one

Urchinator said...

Does this ever intersect with Hawaiian shirt day? Because that would be Brave.

Munchanka said...

AnimationGirl- thanks!

Jez- Yeah, I get a lot of people telling me, "Only a real man can wear a kilt." To which I reply, "Yeah, and so can I!"

Urchinator- That would be amazing! We make a hawaiian shirt patterned after every film, so I just may have to wear my Brave shirt with me kilt!