Thursday, June 23, 2011


Now that they have dragons in Game of Thrones, do you think there's any chance we'll be seeing orcs?

I was in the mood to draw this nasty customer after seeing this new still from The Hobbit, and hearing the first track from the score. If George R. R. Martin doesn't deliver the goods, Tolkien certainly will!

Between The Hobbit, Game of Thrones, and Brave, 2012 is looking like a good year for swords and sorcery!

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Logan Pearsall said...

Oh my god! The Hobbit is gonna be awesome!

Ev said...

Oh... I see the collar now. HAHA!

Matthew said...

It's funny to see how themes and story trends tend to develop and come to us in waves.

Speaking of things, have you played Superbrothers "Sword & Sworcery EP" on the iPad Mr Madison?

Munchanka said...

Logan- yeah! Kind of glad it's out of del Toro's hands.

Ev- it's called a gorget, sir.

Matt- I haven't, but I've seen clips of it, and it looks fantastic! In fact, may just have to add a link!