Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Imp & The Pimp, Part 6 of 10

Part five in a series of boards used as a portfolio to apply for a story position at Pixar.


Joffrey: (whimpering)

Tyrion: "Come, Joffrey!"

 Tyrion: "I believe we've worn out our welcome!"

Stark Soldier: "Not so fast, Imp!"

Tyrion: "You look tired..."

Tyrion: "Here, have a seat!"

Joffrey: "Is this all a..." (hiccup) "...joke to you?!"

Tyrion: "Come now, nephew, I just saved your life!"

Joffrey: "I'm not your nephew, I'm your..." (hiccup) ...King! And you're not saving my life, you're endangering it!"

Patron: "Do you smell something burning?"

Lady of the Night: (screams)

Patron: Hey!

 Tyrion: "And this, young nephew, is where babies come from."

Next Week: "Hot and Brotheled"

11 days...


roxr said...
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roxr said...

and here I thought only playing with knives and fire could scar you forever...

Tom Bolls said...

I love this series and it saddens me that it's halfway over. Please extend it or make a new series after the Imp and the Pimp is over!