Friday, March 04, 2011


I was strapped for time this week, so I jotted this interstellar tyrant on a complimentary notepad handed out at an educational conference earlier today.

It was a long conference, so I had plenty of time to draw.

Rest assured, I was listening the entire time I was sketching this guy.

The conference was in Sacramento, so I think I was channeling the former governator for this particular space fascist.

Here I am in the conference room with my old animation teacher, Shawn Sullivan. Thirteen years ago, Shawn gave me my first animation lessons at Sheldon High School. Now that I am a teacher myself, he's giving me my first lessons in the field of education...

...and power tools. Thaumatropes were handed out to everyone who attended our conference. Shawn never settles for the "ordinary" animation methods. This is his Power Thaumatrope.

If you designed any interstellar tyrants, leave me a comment with a link to your image and I'll post it below. If not, join us March 18th for Chades Challenge XLVI: Cheesy Graverobbers!

44 days...

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Luke said...

I'm a person, so here's a comment :D I really like the overall feeling you have going on with your tyrant. It feels like he could rival Galactus! The majority of the sketches are beaming with power and omnipotence without a care for ones loyal subjects. That's why I think the 2nd sketch sort of stands out from the rest. His defensive, or at least cautious, pose takes away from that despot like power he has in the others. I'd like to see what kind of rebel alliance could possibly threaten this gargantuan goliath included in that sketch. Anywho, they all look great!! I haven't seen the Chades challenge before, it's very cool flipping back thru the previous ones. Great stuff!