Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Leper-Con, Pariah of Perdition
Not to be confused with the annual San Diego leper convention. Sketched this at lunch for my buddy Ev's blog, 365 Supers. Seems like a fun seasonal villain for a similarly cultural-themed hero like Captain America.

Scott Shaughnessy is an ex-IRA agent who, until recently, had been imprisoned at a maximum security detention facility in Northern Ireland. A mysterious contagion broke out, killing prisoners and guards alike, until Shaughnessy was the sole-remaining survivor. Warped by the necrotic virus, he became THE LEPER-CON: an anathematic antagonist empowered by the touch of death!

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sshaughn said...

Thanks Austin for naming the Lepar-Con, after me, I like his "seasonal style" and he
Looks bad a$$.