Monday, March 28, 2011

TERRORDACTYL, page 3 of 11

Pictured in this week's page: Pteranodon, Eomaia, Rhamphorhyncus, Meganeura

Available this Summer in paperback through Afterworks III and digitally through the Whamix app. Next Monday, page 4: "The Primordial Sea"

While we're on the topic of sneak peaks, there's a new article at EW on Pixar's upcoming film, Brave. I just wrapped animation on Cars 2 last week, so this is the next project on my plate and I couldn'a be happier abou' it (as the Scots would say)! Alba gu brath!

20 days...


Chris Silva said...

Sweetness, your comics are looking awesome! Are you going to sell that bad boy at Con?

Also, Congrats on the big finish on Cars2 and looking forward to your next feature... Can't wait!

Megan Nicole Dong said...

Your comic is looking great!!