Wednesday, December 07, 2011

iPad, too!

I finally broke down and bought an iPad2. This is my first drawing on the contraption, a nur-maid for my friend Nuritzi. It's no replacement for a sketchbook, but it's nice to be able to immediately play around with layers and color.

If you guys have any app recommendations, I'm all ears!

18 days...


Mike Sundy said...

Plants vs. Zombies - favorite app game and it works really well on the Ipad. Also try out the free Marvel app - cool cinematic way of moving between panels.

Michael Barquero said...


not really meant for sketching but, it's more responsive than all the other art apps I've tried, simple, and feels like a sketchbook.

Luke said...

Discover - a neat wikipedia viewer. Free

Penultimate - I concur with Michael. Only a few pen choices (8 colors, 3 size) but you can make separate notebooks and email them out as pdf's. $.99

Sketchbook Pro - my guess is what you used :P 75 some adjustable brushes, preloaded templates(storyboard, graph, etc) I think up to 10 undos. $4.99

Brushes - a lot more undos, 20 some adjustable brushes with a size/opacity speed option (penultimate has similar size version). Coolest feature is the playback option which will replay all that you have done. Check out youtube for some clips of that. $7.99

Artrage - Bit of a memory issue causing delay and crashes(made worse for me being on an iPad 1), but it does it's best to mimic everything from crayons to acrylics. It has the most options for layer blending, 13 customizable tools & a customizable canvas texture. $4.99

Rico Jackson said...

Nice! I want a ipad so bad! I have this App that makes Apps! CartoonBrew suggested it awhile b ad, it's a lot of fun and has a lot of animation possibilities =]

Tim said...

I like Sketchbook Pro & Brushes.
I might give Penultimate a try. From the reviews here, sounds like it would be worth a buck!

Austin Madison said...

Thanks guys!