Thursday, December 08, 2011

"What If..." Part III

The final instalment of my "What if Hell froze over" series for the upcoming "What If..." Gallery Nucleus show. I call it "Hell's Angels."

The gallery opens this Saturday. If you're in SoCal, I highly recommend stopping by and perusing these and the humorous musings of other animation industry artists!

17 days...


Logan Pearsall said...

Your "17 days..." post almost made diet coke come out my nose. Very funny.

Avner Geller said...

haha, this is a great series! This third one is my favorite :)

Carrie L. said...

Aw this is my fave! I love the little demon's (minion's?) expression :)

Can't wait to see these in person!

Josh (musarter) said...

Love this drawing. Funny idea and greatly executed.

Are you familiar with the "What if..." and "What the...?! Marvel Comics? This art theme and drawing reminded me of those comics I read back in the day.

Austin Madison said...

Logan- yeah, the thought has certainly occurred to me!

Avner and Carrie- grazie! It was definitely the most fun to draw.

Josh- I know of the "what if" genre, like Kindom Come and Marvels. To me, those are always the best stories because the writers aren't afraid to take risks!