Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Shirtmas!

Along with this year's BluRay exchange (which I walked away from with a brand new copy of Moon--yesss), the Dandies and I also had our first annual Shirtmas. Shirtmas is exactly what it sounds like a Secret Santa exchange limited exclusively to t-shirts. 

I was tasked with finding a shirt for Everett Downing. Ev just had his second kid, so I know he needs a nanny. And the best nanny I know of is the Avengers' personal governess, Squirrel Girl

For those of you who don't know, Squirrel Girl is the most powerful character in the Marvel Universe, having defeated Doctor Doom, Magneto, and Galactus. Ev's dream is to direct a SG movie starring none other than Toy Story 3's Kristen Schaal, so I drew this Shirtmas card for him. Kristen, if you're out there: Squirrel Girl--think about it!

I, in turn, got this fantastic H.P. Lovecraft shirt from my teaching partner, Paul Mendoza. I think I'll wear it to church Christmas morning!

Merry Shirtmas to all, and to all a plain white!

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Carrie L. said...

Haha I'm sure your congregation would appreciate that!

And Shirtmas sounds like such a good idea! I kind of want a Christmas-Sweatermas...