Tuesday, December 06, 2011

House Topolski

I finally found a wedding gift for my friends, Jay and Sue Topolski! You may remember their Hawaiian wedding from a few posts back.

Jay and Sue hosted weekly Game of Thrones parties back when the show was on, so when I saw this Stark-esque chalice at the Dickens Fair (available online from the fine folks at Fellowship Foundry), the wedding gift question was answered.

Of course, I'm one of those people who, whenever they find a cool gift for someone, they have to buy one for themselves. As you can see, Jay if overwhelmed with joy:

If pewter chalices aren't your style (or price range), a cheaper Game of Thrones-themed gift is my "Iron Grill" apron, available here on Zazzle. 

This apron will make your food taste better, increase your sex drive and SAT scores.

It should be noted that Jay came up with the idea for this apron. I'll be keeping all the proceeds, of course.

19 days...


Carrie Liao said...

I hope you take that chalice to all your meetings and drink from it every day.

Rico Jackson said...

that grill is horrifying! But you can't argue with the results! haha

froggie said...

i will get that stein...yes. i will. and i will fill my "nymeria" chalice with much winter mead. "-))

awwwwesome gifts - STUNNING GRILL! "-)


Austin Madison said...

Carrie- oh, I shall! Just don't drink coffee from it. Metal gets very HOT apparently.

Rico- in the game of grills, you eat or you die!

Colleen- nice! I named mine wolfenSTEIN. ;)

Josh (musarter) said...

That iron grill is inspired.

Did you read the books or just watch the show? I have been reading the books and the one episode I watched was lacking or hokey, compared to the books.

Austin Madison said...

I read the books and love the show! You should give it another chance. The actors are amazing!