Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hobbit Envy

TheThe Hobbit trailer (is that one too many the's?) came out last night. I'm waiting to see it on the big screen, but my DnD character, the pint-sized rogue Ilmare (who you may remember from posts such as these), says if they wanted a real halfling hero, all they had to do was ask.

Which trailer has you more excited: The Hobbit or The Dark Knight Rises? Or is it one of the myriad of films in the poll to the right?

4 days...


Jeff said...

Definitely more excited about The Hobbit. DKR will be good, but the chance to go back to Jackson's Middle Earth, seeing Andy Serkis perform as Gollum, and having Howard Shore's music, there's really no comparison. The Hobbit and Brave are the films I'm really looking forward to.

Logan Pearsall said...

Honestly.... just from the trailers.... Dark Knight has me more excited... only because The Hobbit trailer isn't very well constructed (personal opinion). That being said, I've been waiting for The Hobbit to come out for years now, so I'm VERY excited to see it. But you asked which trailer got my blood flowing... so Dark Knight wins.

Vince Medellin said...

I cannot express how excited I am to see "The Hobbit", despite how refined the dwarfs look. That being said, I really wish that Jim Henson and his wizards could have told "The Hobbit" in the 80's. I can only imagine how great that could have been.

By the way, I love your illustrations. They are full of life and held together with superb draftsmanship. Great work! I'm envious of your talent : ). Please have a look at the blog my friends and I are working on at

Cheers! :)