Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bitter Moments with Count Chocula
Part II: The Twilight Chick

Looks like Kristen Stewart is Team Frankenberry.

In other news, I have another tale from London. I went to the UK last month, just weeks before I knew my pal Emma would be passing through. So I did what any friend would do: I left her a note. In a book. In a giftshop. In Tate Modern Art Museum. I gave Emma a cryptic clue, and to her credit, she found the note! Long-distance fellowship and short-term time capsules FTW.

"I was in the Tate to find this, but couldn't remember any of the clue Austin wrote... So I had a big dopey grin on my face when I accidentally found this in the art of A. I. book I was looking at."
-Emma Coats

For the record, the note told her to stop wasting her time at a modern art museum and go see some Shakespeare.

5 days...

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