Monday, November 08, 2010

Next time you go to Disneyland...
1. Try a Secret Souvenir Santa gift exchange. Everyone in your group is randomly assigned someone to buy a souvenir for. It's much more fun than shopping for yourself! Here's a note I left in the sketchbook I bought for my Secret Santee, artist extraordinaire Katy Wu.

The pen is mightier than the sword. Unless the sword is a pen!

2. Look for weenies! Weenie is the term Walt Disney used for a visual magnet, or a striking landmark, that compels a guest to take a certain path. Game designers use weenies all the time in vidyuh games to nudge players toward the next leg of their adventure.

Splash Mountain is one big weenie.

3. Get out of line, and enjoy the scenery. It's so tempting to spend the entire day running from ride to ride, trying to cram everything in. Take it from someone who's been there before: relax, look around, and notice all those awesome details that imagineers have pain-stakingly planned for your enjoyment. And while you're looking, take a picture, it'll last longer!

Yvie and I represent the First People. And "how!"

4. (Added Nov 9th, thanks to a suggestion from Adrienne) Look for hidden Mickeys! Mickey's iconic tri-circular silhouette is all over the park, in the unlikeliest places. For some helpful hints on where to find them, consult this handy field guide. Thanks for the reminder, Adrienne, and happy hunting!

Erik gets the feeling Mickey's been shadowing him.

If you have any tips on making the most of the Magic Kingdom, please let me know. I'm all mouse ears!

11 days...


Unknown said...

The "Hidden Mickey" challenge is always a blast. Pretty soon, you'll be seeing mouse ears everywhere!

Zane Yarbrough said...

or just go to tokyo Disney Sea you could have a blast there if you never stepped foot on the rides...although riding the Journey to the center of the earth ride is an absolute must!!!

Unknown said...

Sometimes (when I would have the time,) I would walk around Disneyland and not go on a single ride the entire day. I've seen others that just go on ride after ride and at the end feel terribly stressed or tired. They never stop and take in the true magic of Disney's masterpiece. For me it's just as fun or even more fun to look around than go on the rides.

MissMegs said...

Take a Guided Tour! I'm a tour guide, so this is a shameless plug, but it's an awesome way to see Disneyland in a completely different perspective!

✗✗ said...

I love the first one. Having someone else buy your souvenir can be a lot more memorable.
This may be a stupid suggestion but when I was at Disney World I found there was NO reason to wear makeup! So all you girls out there don't bother it just becomes a mess.