Friday, August 28, 2009

Choose Your Own (Drawing) Adventure
The idea behind the Choose Your Own (Drawing) Adventure is for people to vote on the story they'd like to illustrate. This week's winning concept was:

"Once, there was a baby-stealing goblin who sailed the seven seas so he could make an award-winning documentary."

I wonder what the goblin's film was about. I saw a few art films at CalArts that looked like they were made by goblins, but I'd hardly call any of them award-winning.

Coursing through the waters red
With golden sun above their heads
Laughing as the baby cries
Goblins green, with bulging eyes

In their wake, the mothers wail
As on the shore they shout and flail
Alas, their infants' fates are sealed
For baby's goblins' favorite meal

Let me know if you partook in this week's challenge, and I'll post your design along with these other tyke-taking terrors:

Next week's challenge, to be posted Friday, Sep 11th:
"Once there was a pink kitten who made a deal with the devil so he could avenge his parents' death."


Mr. Scribbles said...

These are fantastic! Nobody draws dirty little goblins quite like you Austin. I love it!

PhilippeGrompf said...

thanks for your comment it's an honor !
i especialy love you sketches.
thanks again for all

Tony DiStefano said...

Great work! And that little sketch at the top of your blog by your name is so good, so appealing.Glad I found your Blog.

josembielza said...

Those are lovely (?) goblins...